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A website should look excellent!

So many companies settle for second best for their website, often stating, “It will do.”. Frankly, it won’t do. If you have a messy house; people will assume you are disorganised. If a website is shabby; people will assume the company is unprofessional.

Don’t settle for “It will do” – ask Revive to design you a site that you can say, “that website reflects us.”


It should feel professional

Websites should be organised. This is common sense, but often not implemented very well. If you are searching for something in vain – the site is badly organised.

Revive build sites that are easy to use; we implement common sense, and put things where you’d expect them to be. That way, when your potential customer picks up the phone, they are not frustrated – rather they’ve felt empowered by finding what they were looking for quickly, with ease.

It should be quick.

No-one likes to wait; being made to wait is rude. It’s someone else saying, “your time is not important to me.” That’s why our sites are fast.

It should be easy to find.

How would you search for a company that offers your services? What would you type into Google? Try it – do you come up? If you do – are you above your competitors? Revive employ ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques that have been proven to work over the last 10 years, and unlike may other SEO companies, ours sites have not dropped when Google changes it’s ranking criteria.

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We will discuss your requirements and give you an honest appraisal – presenting the different options that are available without being pushy. No matter how simple or complex your project, and no matter how technical (or not!) you are, we clearly outline key elements such as build time, cost and the advantages of a professional website for your business.

We do this for two reasons: we understand that properly designed business websites are critical to success and, at a more basic level, we love helping our clients achieve their goals – offering them solutions to their core challenges as part of our commitment to longer term partnerships.

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It’s easy to think of a website as a place people visit when they want things, but the truth is a little more complicated.

Find out a little more about what complicates things – read our three steps to web design success here. 


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