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The Trend Towards Mobile

Of the popular trends which have taken hold over the past decade, none has been more noticeable  than the shift to mobile. In every sphere of business and social life, phones and other devices connected to the internet play a greater and greater role.

Designed for Thumbs

MobileWith many websites originally built for the precision of a mouse and the ease of typing on a keyboard, they often struggle when converted to smaller screened devices which are controlled by proportionally huge thumbs (where typing can be a stressful exercise)!

Mobile Responsive Design

All new websites created by Revive are built using ‘mobile responsive‘ techniques. This means that the website will re-shape and re-size depending on the size of the phone, tablet or computer being used to view it. To see this in action, either view this website on your smart-phone – or resize your web browser window to make it much thinner – and you will see the content flow into a new, mobile layout.

Mobile Website Design is Critically Important

This method of design is critically important, as now so many people will initially use their mobile phones to search for products and services – even if they eventually complete their purchase or enquiry later on, on a desktop computer.

Learn why mobile design is so important by clicking here.

Mobile Design Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will a Mobile Optimised website rank higher in Google?
A. Yes – but only when the search is also performed on a mobile device (according to Google).

Q. How does the website fit on all different sizes of mobile phone?
A. The technique is called ‘responsive design’ – which means the website layout ‘responds’ to the size of the device. A properly designed website will fit on any device, whether that is an iPhone 4, 5, 6, Samsung Galaxy, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, or a 50″ TV screen.

Q. Why doesn’t Amazon or Ebay have a responsive website?
A. There are some (relatively rare) circumstances where it makes better sense to create an entirely separate mobile optimised website. This is often where the user will carry out completely different actions when using the mobile site, as opposed to what they would do on the desktop computer site. Revive can (and do) build mobile specific solutions where companies have these special requirements.

Q. Should I have an ‘App’ built?
A. The answer to this depends on what you want people to do with your ‘app’. If you simply want to present information as you would on your website, you almost certainly don’t need an iPhone App, or Android App developing. A mobile optimised responsive website is more than sufficient and a lot cheaper! If you want people to download your App, and carry out repeated tasks, such as checking on a regular delivery status, or access important secure documents offline, then maybe an App is appropriate. And yes, we do Apps!

Q. Will my mobile responsive website work on future mobile phone sizes?
A. Yes – by the automatic resizing nature of the technology, the website will ‘flow’ to fit existing and future device sizes.

Q. Can you tell if my existing customers are using my website on a mobile device?
A. Yes. If you have access to Google Analytics tracking – or are happy for us to install it for you (for free), then we can run reports to see how many people use your website on a mobile, what devices they are using, and how they differ to desktop computer users.

Q. How can I tell if my website is mobile compatible?
A. Use Google’s mobile friendly test (see link below), then give us a call if your website fails!

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