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Digital Marketing Services

Videos help businesses achieve specific objectives such as increased sales, professional customer support and online community growth.

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

Videos are predicted to represent 77% of all Internet traffic by 2017, and at present 20% of all internet videos are watched on mobile devices. 33% of tablet users will watch an hour or more of video per day, and Instagram video is twice as more likely to be clicked as a photo. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world…

All scary statistics, particularly if you remember dial-up internet, when the idea of watching a video on-line was laughable.

Video works – if we look at our own browsing and buying habits, we will know that to be true. It’s one of the reasons that so many of the large retailers are now adding short (1 minute) video clips explaining each of their products. But how should you use video?

Revive can help you present a short video explaining your business, product or service – an ‘Explainer Video’. That can take the form of a filmed ‘talking head’ (you, your team or an actor), a tour of your factory or office, slide-show presentation, or cartoon-style animation. But please don’t do that thing with the hand-writing on the white-board!