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It's not just about the keywords! SEO in Southend, Essex.


Search engine optimisation, (or SEO for short) has got a bit of a bad name, as many SEO companies do it badly, or worse, take your money and do nothing.

You'll see many websites on the net with intro paragraphs like, "We love Search Engine Optimisation in Southend, Essex, SEO, etc...", with the same phrase repeated over and over. Google has got a bit cleverer than all that - and it's not quite so easy to float to the top of the search listings.

What should I do?

While you should ensure that your business phrases are included in the text of your website, your primary focus should be making the experience good for the user. There's little point optimising a website to the top of Google, then the user leaving as it makes no sense and they can't find what they want.

How can Revive help?

Every website is different, so we look at each campaign individually. We have a proven SEO strategy that has helped many clients raise their target phrases in Google. Some times, amazing results can be achieved simply by re-organising the website, or updating the text. We meet with our clients to properly understand their requirments - we won't try and sell you anything you do not need, or don't understand.

What do we charge?

Our prices depend on how many keywords you wish to promote, how competitive they are, and how long you want to promote them for. We can explain more at our meeting, but if you are looking to spend less than £250 / month on search engine optimisation, you might want to consider a different sort of online marketing.

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