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Look Good, Feel Good.

logo-designOne of the most important factors of branding is the logo – a symbol, word or combination of the two that a company uses to draw customers in.

Unfortunately, smaller businesses often play it fast-and-loose with logo design – ignoring the size or positioning, surrounding it with material that clashes, and even squash or change the design to suit different purposes. This obscures the stamp of trust that their customers are seeking.

Your Logo should be instantly recognisable, pleasing on the eye, and easy to understand. And you should be able to use it everywhere – on the side of buses, billboards, letterheads or business-cards – and of course, on-line.

At Revive, we have extensive experience creating logos that our clients love, and that represent their companies. You have to love your logo; because if you don’t, how can you expect your customers to?

A Logo you can Love!

If you want a cheap and quick logo that will be just ‘ok’ – we might not be for you. A quick Google search for ‘cheap logo design’ will give you thousands of options. However, if you want a strong brand identity that you can use to promote your business – you’re in the right place. We will want to spend time on your logo, learn about what it is for, and what your business is about – sketch up mock-ups, try out different colour schemes; whatever it takes to produce the logo that you can love.

Of course, don’t forget to check out our portfolio linked below for some of our work – then pick up the phone to see when we can start on your project!

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