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We analyse your website and check its Google rankings for free.

What do you get?

  • You will receive a list of the top 100 keywords that Google currently associates with your website.
  • We will send you a Google ranking report for each of those 100 keywords, telling you where your website ranks in the top 10 pages.
  • A comparison report with your competitors websites - so you can see what your competitors rank for
  • A 'scoring' of your home-page, for 10 criteria we check as part of our Search Engine Optimisation process.

Why is it free?

Many search optimisation companies charge for this service we provide for free. Unlike most of these companies, Revive is a professional website design and development agency - and if there is work that is required on the back of the report, we hope that you will consider us for it.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you taking our report to another web design company and asking them to complete the work. We look to build long term relationships with our clients, so if you are only price driven - we are probably not the best match for you. 

Am I eligible to receive it?

We provide the report to any UK company, either limited, or partnership. Due to demand, we do not offer the service to individuals. 

How long does it take?

The report is not automated - a search optimisation specialist deals with each individual report. We aim to turn a report around within 24 hours. If there is a large demand at any given time we will notify you when you are likely to receive the report.

How do we produce the SEO report?

We use various tools to understand just how Google sees your website - and how important it thinks it is. Google helpfully provides lists of words it associates with any given website - we take that data, and pump it into other tools to produce our reports.

The recommendations we make are based on Google best-practises and our experience in the SEO market over the last 12 years.

Easy to understand

We will not try and blind you with science. If something isn't completely clear to you - please let us know, and we'll explain it.

We are here to help, with no obligation

The report we provide is completely free - no strings. We will not apply high-pressure sales afterwards - although we may politely ask if we are able to help. If you never want to hear from us again - we won't be offended!

Are you a web design company?

If you would like to be able to provide your clients with search engine optimisation services but do not have the expertise - we may be able to work with you. We already work with a number of web design companies in the UK offering them our services as a 'white' label.

If you would like to discuss your SEO needs with us please call us on 01702 619139

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