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Pizza makes us work harder.

The Importance of Pizza in a Creative Environment

Monday, 22nd October 2012
You don't have to love food to work here, but it helps.
Phil Thomas

A little while back, while running through my twitter pics, I realised I'd turned into one of those people who constantly post photos of chocolate, deserts, big pies, cakes, and pizza. I have cut down on the Gregg's Steak Bakes and I'd generally rather have a scrambled egg and salmon for breakfast over a full English - but food plays a big part in our daily lives.

Never more true than in our office. We do cakes on birthdays, chocolate snacks during meetings, pub food on Fridays, and once a month we get in the pizza's. Our favourite is Domino's so far - but being in the centre of town, we are munching distance from a Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Pappa John's, and about a hundred kebab+pizza parlours I would probably avoid.

Although it may just look like a good excuse to sit down and eat - there's a good reason. That is, umm... No, it's just good to sit down and eat together. We do of course discusss our work, latest techniques we've discovered, and upcoming projects, in a very relaxed fashion. Also what's happening at the weekend, most embarrasing moments, the upcoming (or previous) Christmas do's, and what's on TV.

I'm a big believer in Team. That's 'Team' with a capital 'T'. To work effectively on a creative project, we all have to be pulling in the same direction, and it helps if we get to know each other better. Enter the pizza. My argument thus, is that the more pizza we consume, the better we are as a team, and the higher the quality of work we produce. Or, Staff x Pizza = Team. Team x Work ~ Productivity + Creativity = Innovation. Therefore, more pizza, better work.

That's what I tell my accountant anyway.


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