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Probably the most common question we get asked – a client happily starts their Google AdWords campaign, then a few hours later logs on to Google and eagerly searches their product or service. Only there’s ... read more

Deciding on your cost per keyword isn’t just a simple matter of setting it at the start and never touching it again. It’s a competitive industry and remaining in that 1-3 position – crucial if ... read more

Bounce rate, average visit duration time, average amount of pages per visit. All terms those accustomed to Google Analytics will have heard of and will rightly use to judge how a site is performing. But ... read more

Something we’ve been doing increasingly for our clients is boiling down marketing statistics to give them key numbers. One of the beauties of online marketing is that generally, everything is measurable – and if it’s ... read more

At around 5pm GMT, many large UK website went offline. Or to be more accurate, became inaccessible. "What is the difference you may ask" - well, the sites themselves were still online - they just ... read more
Pizza makes us work harder.
A little while back, while running through my twitter pics, I realised I'd turned into one of those people who constantly post photos of chocolate, deserts, big pies, cakes, and pizza. I have cut down ... read more
Olympic Torch in Southend
Today, the Olympic Torch will pass by our office in Southend - and we'll undoubtedly all pile out onto the high street and wave it by. It's raining hard - I'm resisting saying typical British ... read more

Search Engine Optimisation is a funny business. The problem with it is, so many people are guessing - and the goal-posts are constantly moving. What worked 6 months ago now has a negative effect, and ... read more

Something we get alot at Revive is new clients coming to us and saying things like, "We have a brand new website, but it's not showing in Google", or "We've had our website for several ... read more

All I want for Christmas… …is a website that works. Why Santa, does my website not get many visitors? Why don’t they call me? Is my scrolling banner with my special offers on it, whizzing across the ... read more
Working In The Snow
This time last year, there was a lot of snow in the UK. I had business flights cancelled, got stuck on the motorways a couple of times - and worst of all, my annual Christmas ... read more
The largest website we deal with has around 3,000 visitors per minute. My guess is that eBuyer's website has been dealing with a couple of orders of magnitude larger than that today; or rather, I ... read more

In this day an age, you would think companies, particularly tech companies would learn. But apparently, as Ebuyer's rather spectacular fail on Monday the 28th Nov, 2011, proved, they don't. Ebuyer spent a week promoting a ... read more
Unless you hide from most forms of media, you will have heard the term 'HTML 5' sometime in the last year. It's been splashed around in technology sections of national papers, mentioned on the news, ... read more

We've spent the last 12 months putting clients on our absolutely awesome content management system, and have finally got around to doing it for ourselves. The site will grow over the next few weeks, and ... read more

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Probably the most common question we get asked – a client happily starts their Google ... read more
Deciding on your cost per keyword isn’t just a simple matter of setting it at ... read more