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Web Design - How We Work

When Revive is asked to build a new website, search optimise some keywords, redesign an existing website, or work on a bespoke development project, we will always follow a certain way of doing things.

1. We will always look to have a meeting, face to face.

We like to meet our clients, and we always get a better idea of requirements if we can sit down around a table. It also helps you to know who you are talking to.

2. We always provide a written quote in advance, outlining all the costs.

No-one likes a hidden cost, so we will provide a full quote, usually based on time, and we will explain all costs (such as search engine optimisation, or website hosting) in this document.

3. We will show you what we are doing.

We know you'll want to see how we're getting on, so if we're building you a website, we'll set up a test link pretty early on, so you can see how the project is progressing. If we are optimising some keywords on an SEO project - we will send you regular search ranking graphs.

4. We will only have the right people, working on your project.

Many of our new clients come to us with concerns regarding their old website. Either, it looks good, but doesn't work very well - or it works, but looks poor. This is usually because a designer has worked on the technical aspects, or a programmer has done the design. They are very different skills, and at Revive, we make sure your project is excellent by putting our designers on the design, and our programmers on the programming. It's not rocket science...

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