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Revive are a digital media agency - meaning we help businesses understand and grow the online side of their business.



Imagine deciding you want a new website. Imagine searching for companies on Google and coming across hundreds of options, all promising a wealth of different things. Imagine choosing one of those companies and paying for a new website that doesn’t perform on mobiles, doesn’t rank highly on search engines, and doesn’t give you the platform you need to drive successful business.  Worst of all, the company you used doesn’t seem to care. You feel let down, lied too, angry, even.

Revive have only one promise we make to you.     

We promise to be honest.

That doesn’t mean we can promise all of these things above. But we’ll do our damn hardest to make sure of it. It’s why we still work with clients from the day we were founded. It’s why businesses come to us every day to discuss our services. It’s why we have one of the best reputations around and one we strive to maintain every day through approachable, creative staff and of course, sheer hard work.

So if you are thinking about a new website, branding redesign or marketing campaign, we ask you do one thing. Call us. We’ll explain everything you want to know in clear, jargon free, honest advice.





To create innovative ways of communicating a message online. To create communities. Plant ideas, incubate experiments, grow potential for new businesses. To be seen as one of the most innovative creative agencies in the South East and Essex.
To help businesses communicate their core messages effectively and engage with their target market through the medium of their website and other online media, increasing their opportunities to grow their businesses.
We believe in excellence, attention to detail, integrity, honesty & fairness. We believe in having only happy clients, with whom we have long term relationships. We believe in providing good value, complete solutions, and getting it right.

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Adam Toms

Web Developer

Adam ‘Tiny’ Toms has been a full time developer here at Revive for over a year and is rather good at it. Interestingly, Adam was once a professional kite surfer, entering competitions in places as far away as Australia, quite why he decided to leave and come work with us is a mystery not yet explained.

Adam has a brilliant achievement of managing to injure almost every part of his body in hilarious ways. Such as when he got smacked in the face by a firework (yes, it was lit), broke his back in several places kite surfing, and broke numerous other bones in his body by doing things as casual as walking or playing football. We’re eagerly awaiting the day Adam trips over his computer and breaks something else.

We are what we think – all that we are rises with thought and with our thoughts we change the world.

- Dalai Lama

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Andy Mayes

Technical Director

We’ve no idea what Andy does. All we know is he writes a load of weird looking stuff that make websites work extremely well. We’re not sure yet if he’s secretly sending inter-galactic messages to aliens plotting our individual demises but as long as his websites keep performing we’re all happy to be part of whatever it is Andy has in store for us.

In 2005 Andy graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a first in Computer Science and has developed an exceptional array of web development skills, which he now puts to good use with us. As technical director he’ll sort out the back-end of your website with all the precision he demands, or just plot your downfall as well.

Find me an interesting project and I’ll make it happen.

- Andy Mayes

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James Higgs

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer James has been drawing up ridiculously good logos and animations for our clients since 2014, and has had a passion for creative design since he was a small child. Unfortunately for the Revive team his illustration talents are almost matched by his highly annoying habit of winning lunchtime office games on Jackbox TV.

Fun fact about James – he used to play in a band, one of those typical high school, emo-type bands that everybody seemed to love in the noughties. Now he has a kid and has attempted multiple anti-grey shampoos in a desperate attempt to avoid the inevitable. It’s not working.

You’ll speak to James when discussing any branding or animation work you’re thinking about getting done and can check out some of his work on our branding page.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

- Milton Glaser

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James 2


James 2 is our second most important James of the team but is by no means a forgotten figure. Helping the bloating development workload James 2 is now also the second newest member of the team to further cement his #2 status. When James 2 isn’t working crazily hard he’s bouncing round the office in an attempt to get himself noticed by the team but does often get ignored or patronisingly put in his place. Big thumbs up for effort though James!

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible

- Francis of Assisi

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Jamie Graizevsky

Creative Director

Jamie is our web design whizz. From a background working with global charities Jamie got into the web industry, quickly obsessing over all things creative. Far from just us appreciating his design expertise Jamie has achieved the prestigious feat of being awarded the best website design in Essex, beating a large field of people at the Essex Digital Awards 2015.

Now Jamie has a girlfriend he likes to maintain an illusion of control and manliness. In reality he spends his evenings watching XFactor and avoiding awkward baby questions now he’s over 30.

In his role as creative director Jamie will ensure your website is created to the highest possible standard and be on hand to answer any technical questions along the way.

For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.

- Steve Jobs

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Mandy Carey

Web Designer

Mandy has been designing brilliant, innovative websites at Revive for six years and cries when she sees websites that aren’t mobile responsive. She’s so obsessed with web design that when she goes home she does even more web design. In the rare moments when Mandy is not designing things she will be shooting zombies on her Xbox One or photographing sunsets. Her favourite game is Call of Duty and the place she’d like most to visit in the world is Fiji.

Mandy will often work with you creating your amazing new website and will of course keep you updated every step of the way, unless she’s done a runner to Fiji, obviously.

When you know better, you do better.

- Maya Angelou

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Millie West

Relationship Manager

The introduction of wolves at Yellowstone National Park had a remarkable effect on the ecosystem. The deer and elk were forced to become stronger; the trees and grasses became taller and healthier; the coyote was virtually wiped out leading to more rodents and therefore birdlife.  In essence – the wolf helped create the perfect ecosystem. Without the wolf, everything collapses.  Millie is our wolf. Just a very friendly one who only bites occasionally when she sees horrible web design.

As client relationship manager Millie will answer any questions or concerns you have and provide accessible, helpful support to all of our clients.  But do stay away from her when it’s a full moon, seriously.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

- Arthur Ashe

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Natasha Lenska

Accounts Manager

Yes, Natasha is the oldest member of Revive – and by some considerable distance – but that doesn’t mean she isn’t appreciated by the rest of the gang. In fact, we’ve all chipped in a fiver and bought Natasha a hoodie and a couple of months’ subscription to Lootcrate so she can fit in more with us cool kids. Natasha does a fantastic job sorting out all the accounts stuff and makes sure we all get paid at the end of the month so we all make sure to be very wary of our behaviour around her!

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

- Oscar Wilde

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Peter Van De Vyver


Pete has a penchant for wearing high heels at work Christmas parties and hacking the Revive HQ wifi to create his own because it wasn’t quick enough. He’s also fully embraced the modern, hipster culture and grown a beard. Unfortunately for him he still gets laughed at by the proper hipsters when he attempts to order a cortado or affogato but you do have to admire the effort. Good on you, Pete.

When Pete’s not ordering organic produce online he spends his time coming up with super quick and effective development solutions for our clients.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

- Douglas Adams

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Phil Thomas

Managing Director

With an impressive career working at some of the world’s top agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, overseeing key projects for clients including ASDA and Virgin, Phil is adept at managing business requirements of any size. After gaining specialist industry experience managing one of the UK’s largest financial companies, Phil founded Revive Digital Media 10 years ago because in his words – “I couldn’t believe how many poor websites were out there.”

Phil likes to think he spends his spare time in the gym but usually ends up on Star Wars: Battlefront pretending he’s Darth Vadar. He also loves free upgrades to business class when flying and does not ever brag about this.

As managing director Phil will oversee all projects and is usually our first point of contact for any potential client. Phil appears to be very approachable and friendly but does get angry when he sees ugly, impractical web design.

Fear is the dark room where you develop your negatives.

- Michael Pritchard

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Sasha Newbury

Social Media Manager

Social media wonder woman Sasha was hired to make Revives’ and our clients’ social media accounts stand out from the rest of the crowd. We’re absolutely chuffed with her work so far but we have received complaints from other members of the team regarding unacceptable / unfunny jokes. Sasha is also in a constant state of anxiousness as we have explicitly told her she will be fired if each social media post isn’t an improvement on the last one. That’s motivation for ya!

If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough

- Mario Andretti

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Shane Scanlon

Online Marketer

Online marketer Shane is responsible for making sure all your AdWords and Analytics accounts are running in tip-top condition, so be sure to shout at him if your conversions are down. Or just shout at him anyway.

Shane has an unusual obsession with bread rolls and continually bores the office to tears with his in-depth reviews of each individual roll he eats every lunchtime. We’re considering designing a website just for him and any other strange individuals who can all meet in one place and discuss bread rolls happily together.

Thankfully, Shane is as obsessed with websites as he is with bread rolls and will analyse every single detail to see that your website is performing as it should be.


I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase. It's all in the game though, right?

- Omar Little