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Revive are a digital media agency - meaning we help businesses understand and grow the online side of their business.




We do 2 things for our clients. Firstly, we help them represent their business on-line in an authoritative way - with a professional website design. Secondly, we help them promote it - whether by SEO, Google advertising, or Social Media - to drive the right people (potential customers) to their website.


We generally have a 4-6 week turn-around with a small business website. We have a robust delivery process in place to ensure our work is finished to the highest standards, and that our clients are involved in the build process from start to finish. Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated throughout.


Our website design process has 4 distinct stages, with clear controls and processes at each stage:

1. Requirements Analysis.
2. Design and Feedback.
3. Build and Development.
4. Testing and Launch.


We're not the cheapest, or the most expensive web design company. We understand the cost will always be a factor in choosing your web design partner - but our clients share one common trait - they want a website that works for them, and a company that can deliver it. Our team is made up of experienced designers, software developers, and marketeers.


We are a full service digital marketing agency - and offer web design, e-commerce, development, mobile sites, search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Advertising (Google AdWords), brand and logo design, print design (business cards, flyers, brochures, stationary), video production, animation, and social media marketing.


The vast majority of our clients turnover between £1M and £20M / year - but we work with organisations both larger and smaller. We also have packages for small businesses and start-ups. What is important for us is that our clients understand the value of a good website - and the impressive impact it can have on their businesses.





To create innovative ways of communicating a message online. To create communities. Plant ideas, incubate experiments, grow potential for new businesses. To be seen as one of the most innovative creative agencies in the South East and Essex.
To help businesses communicate their core messages effectively and engage with their target market through the medium of their website and other online media, increasing their opportunities to grow their businesses.
We believe in excellence, attention to detail, integrity, honesty & fairness. We believe in having only happy clients, with whom we have long term relationships. We believe in providing good value, complete solutions, and getting it right.

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Adam Toms

Web Developer

Following a successful career working as a compliance and efficiency specialist with local authorities, Adam is adept at ensuring proper testing and redundancy management for web tools. He has also trained and competed internationally as a professional athlete, winning various competitions in the world of kite surfing. With travel such a big part of his life, he found that developing websites on the road was something he found real skill in, and so became a full time developer and has helped clients of all size greatly improve their capabilities.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): establishing best practice efficiency and compliance; perfecting prototyping; improving site capabilities; integrating powerful web tools; and expertise in innovative tools and emergent technologies.

We are what we think – all that we are rises with thought and with our thoughts we change the world.

- Dalai Lama

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Andy Mayes

Technical Director

After graduating from Queen Mary University of London with a first in Computer Science, Andy has a wide array of complex skills, specialist knowledge and the ability to solve almost any technical challenge. He also oversees development to ensure high quality coding at every stage, has key expertise managing large scale projects within short time frames and has comprehensive understanding of software products, pricing and the capacity for integration.

With the ability to create new software products and deliver almost any project within timeframe and budget, Andy is an integral part of the Revive team and a valuable asset for any business which wishes to expand their commercial potential. He also manages training of new staff to ensure that all practices are updated and aligned with established best practice.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): bespoke software creation; online systems; technical databases; agile / waterfall methodology; project management; coding languages; software integration; and large scale web development.

Find me an interesting project and I’ll make it happen.

- Andy Mayes

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James Higgs

Graphic Designer

Having trained as a professional musician then managing a small business, James found his calling as a freelance designer – creating illustrations, videos and leading creative design strategies for growing companies. Extending his reach into the fashion and music industry, he completed work for a range of brands and big names within the industry, reaching critical acclaim with his spot as guest art editor for Disorder magazine.

In 2014, James joined Revive as our design specialist – bringing a wide range of skills that compliment professional web design, including animated videos, illustrations and branding excellence practices.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): Illustration (2D/cartoon); animation (stings / intros); logos; branding; brochures; corporate presentations; interface design; and support videos.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

- Milton Glaser

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Jamie Graizevsky

Creative Director

From a background working with global charities and managing web design needs for local businesses, Jamie has extensive experience managing all elements of the website creation and promotion process. He is also the first point of contact for our accounts – managing any updates, changes in scope and acting as a trusted consultant if our clients have any further questions about their next steps.

As Creative Director, Jamie works with both the design and development teams to bring projects to life and ensure that clients are able to achieve their goals. In addition, he has strong insights into innovative web development and future-proofing, ensuring customers have access to key information that could help them excel in their field.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): account management; digital consultancy; requirements gathering; project road mapping; building technical specifications; overseeing complex development / creative projects; and problem-solving.

For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.

- Steve Jobs

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Karey Waller


With a career based in training and recruitment, Karey is an expert at ensuring clients have a friendly point of contact and that any potential problems are resolved quickly and easily. She is highly experienced at managing the financial needs of the business while also being a friendly face for our customers – a value we know is key to making sure things run smoothly. In addition, Karey is also PA to the Managing Director – meaning our payment processes are handled quickly and easily.

Her special skills include (but are not limited to): bank reconciliations; financial controls; purchasing; invoices; and events management.

Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.

- Benjamin Franklin

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Mandy Carey

Web Designer

Coming from a background working with both small and large businesses as a designer and digital consultant, Mandy has extensive experience leading web design projects from start to finish – creating outstanding results for her clients. As a fashion brand manager herself with a successful range of products supplied to large retailers, she understands the importance of business identity and the power of trust gained through consistency.

With this ability in mind, Mandy helps businesses flourish by working closely with stakeholders, brand managers and business owners to create inspiring digital spaces. It is this quality that ensures her clients are able to enjoy such high level of professional success – empowered to succeed in their markets by a dedication to quality and consistency at every stage of development.

Her special skills include (but are not limited to): front-end web design; coding; development practices; business operations; ecommerce; graphic design; branding; SEO; videos; and animation.

When you know better, you do better.

- Maya Angelou

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Otis Ayoob

Marketing Assistant

With proven skills in research, SEO and expertise in a range of multimedia programs, Otis is a core part of Revive’s marketing team and a digital media specialist. Since joining in 2014 he has helped various clients by completing comprehensive competitive reviews, defining robust strategies to help them improve their ROI and providing specialist tools that help them succeed in target markets.

With an interest in new marketing tools and methodology, he brings a whole new sense of innovation and fun to product and service offerings – creating highly successful and cost effective campaigns for our clients. He also has strong design skills, ensuring all work is both engaging and impacting at a local level, and strong commercial acumen to ensure all campaigns are viable at a financial level.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): SEO analysis; competitive reviews; multimedia; design; videos; podcasts; copywriting; editing; and innovative web tools.

Hirsute prodigy: you can’t touch this

- Otis Ayoob

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Peter Van De Vyver


At only 23, Peter has already opened his own successful franchise business and now dedicates his time to creating innovative web development solutions. With a background in computer game development, he has a range of skills which compliment new and exciting companies who want to do something fresh and interesting, such as 3D visualisations and the construction of a powerful user experience.

With an ethos that creative ideas can push the limits of what is capable, Peter’s ability to think outside the box (when needed) has led to some truly remarkable development solutions for our clients.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): front-end web design; code solutions; motion capture; 3D visualisations; development innovation; and problem solving.

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

- Douglas Adams

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Phil Thomas

Managing Director

With an impressive career working at some of the world’s top agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi, delivering key projects for clients including ASDA and Virgin, Phil is adept at managing business requirements of any size. After gaining specialist industry experience managing cutting edge data solutions as a contractor for top commercial banks, he decided to start his own businesses in the finance sector.

Revive began as a consultancy and web design project management firm, however the business quickly found success because of a dedication to professionalism and quality, becoming one of the leading agencies in the region.

His special skills include (but are not limited to): end-to-end business consultancy; ATL / BTL / TTL advertising; technical expertise across all relevant code bases; commercial problem solving; defining routes to meet business objectives; and optimal ROI.

Fear is the dark room where you develop your negatives.

- Michael Pritchard